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Here for sale is a selection of electronic components. All the items are new, old stock
clearance and are full spec devices. Some of these items were listed on ebay but due
to ebays change in user policies it has become a lot of hassle to list on ebay with all
the terms and conditions they now impose. The final straw is in the insistance that
sellers will have to submit bank account details and agree to a direct debit before you
can list anything and accept payments as they will be phasing paypal out. As I dont
wish ebay to have control of my bank account, ebay no longer allow me to list any new
items and have cancelled all my listings. So as a consequence I have decided to list
items on my own web page using links to my shop front on ecrater for electronic
components and to ebid for service manuals as they have all the structure in place
to handle orders, payments and stock control. I will maintain the same level of service
that I provided when selling on ebay. If you would like to purchase anything just click
on the item on the product page, this will then take you to the items
listed on ecrater
Thankyou for looking at my items for sale
Any enquiries please email me at:
Post and Packing 2.00 per Order
Surplus Electronic Components, Equipment, Connectors, Service Manuals and VCR Video Heads